Daqing Zhao

Director of Advanced Analytics, Macy’s

Daqing Zhao has over 20 years of experience in analyzing and taking actions on very large data. Trained in data analysis and large scale simulations on molecular systems, he gained extensive expertise in customer centric marketing, optimizing for all stages of customer experience in acquisition, conversion and retention. He has worked on segmentation and predictive modeling on banner ads, web logs, search keywords, emails, transactions, call center data, for insights as well as personalization, media optimization and customer life time values.

Daqing is currently Director of Advanced Analytics at Macys.com, leading the predictive analytics, test and experimentation and data science teams. He previously held senior management and technical leadership positions at Ask.com, the University of Phoenix, Tribal Fusion, Yahoo, Acxiom/Digital Impact, and Bank of America.  He also worked on client analytics projects for Intel, HP, Wells Fargo Bank, SBC, Dell, T-Mobile, MSN Search and Travel, Intrawest, PayPal, wine.com, MasterCard and others.  He also served as a coach for data science teams and graduate students.

Daqing received his Ph.D. from Stanford University, specialized in scientific data processing, simulations and optimizations.