Jeff Donaldson

CEO, Intriosity, and former CIO, GameStop

Jeff Donaldson serves as CEO of Intriosity. Prior to this, he was GameStop’s Senior Vice President of GameStop Technology Institute and served as GameStop’s CIO. In his fourteen years at GameStop, Jeff played a key role in the creation of GTI, and GameStop’s new IT structure introduced in 2013. The new structure includes four strategic areas – IT Strategy, Architecture Design, IT Delivery and the GameStop Technology Institute. Each area is designed to accelerate the identification and adoption of new capabilities and solutions to address the ever-changing IT challenges impacting business today.

Following GameStop’s acquisition of Electronics Boutique in 2005, Donaldson led the effort to integrate the EB and GameStop technology systems into a single platform. Before coming to GameStop, Donaldson was vice president of information resource management at The Associates. Prior to that, he held progressive management positions with AMR Corporation/The SABRE Group, Texas Instruments, and the Illinois State Government’s technology team.