Wesley Rhodes

VP of Technology Transformation, Kroger Corporation

Wesley is the Chief Operations Officer for Sunrise Technologies, a Kroger commercial technology venture company which invents and licenses Kroger advanced technologies to other companies. He also serves with Kroger Corporation as the VP of Technology Transformation, with a focus on the application of new technologies, paradigms, methods, and innovations to better serve Kroger customers.

Prior to joining Kroger, Wesley had an eighteen-year career with IBM, where he served in numerous capacities including as the Chief Technologist in Artificial Intelligence, Cloud & Cognitive computing, as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Sensemaking, as the CTO for Corporate Strategy, as the Deputy CTO for US and NATO National Security and Defense, as Director of IOT and the Network Science Research Centers.  Wesley specialized in managing high-risk projects, architectures and technologies for advanced insight in Retail, Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Energy Services, Manufacturing, and for National Defense and Intelligence domains. Throughout his tenure with IBM, Wesley was assigned by the CEO and executive staff to IBM’s largest customers as a subject matter expert to resolve their hardest business and technical issues.

Wesley holds numerous academic appointments in the fields of Cyber Security, Health Informatics, Supercomputing Applications and advanced R&D research.  Wesley holds the required Federal security clearances to work on hard National Security and Defense topics for the US, UK and NATO.

Wesley graduated with an MBA from the University of Houston, an MS in Project Management from the University of Western Carolina, an MS in Technology Commercialization from the University of Texas at Austin, and an MS in Technology Management from the University of Maryland, University College.