The Retail Analytics Council is guided by the Advisory Board and Council directors. In addition to publishing its research, the work is further explored in executive conferences, forums, and other activities.


Omni-channel marketing (focusing on the integration of data and analytics across multiple customer purchase/acquisition channels)

  • In-store analytics
  • E-commerce analytics
  • Customer experience and E-WOM

Internet of things

  • Adoption of bots
  • Impact on brands and products
  • The confluence of marketing automation and neuroscience

Customer-driven marketing

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Network Analysis
  • Digital media analytics (e.g., programmatic advertising)

The use of big data

  • Data integration and management
  • New modeling methodologies
  • Complex systems
  • Effect on marketplace outcomes and KPIs


Understanding the Influence of Online Behavior on In-Store Purchases: Behavioral Bonding

Researchers: Martin Block and Steven Keith Platt

Research Thesis: It was estimated that by the end of 2015, as much as 64 percent of in-store purchases would be influenced by online behavior. This means that some $200 billion of U.S. in-store sales are being affected by web activity such as recommendations, price comparison shopping, advertising, promotional activity, etc. Understanding this relationship is one of the most significant issues facing retailers today. The principle research objective is to understand the relationship between a consumer’s online activity and in-store purchases. This will be accomplished by isolating as many consumer traceable inputs as possible, and measuring their relative impact on consumer purchases.

Generations Age Cohorts − Are All Millennials Alike?

Researchers: Martin Block and Don E. Schultz

Research Thesis: Understanding generations is key to marketing success. The research will describe media, shopping, motivational, emotional, activity, and health differences among the generational groups. These differences will be related to both cultural and biological development.

Understanding and Shaping Impulse Shopping

Researcher: Martin Block and Don Schultz

Best Practices for Creating and Managing a Retail Big Data Platform

Researchers: Vijay Viswanathan and Steven Keith Platt

Research Thesis: This research will focus on how firms organize themselves in the new data-rich environment, and what skills are necessary from a marketing analytics point of view in the new environment.

Publication Date: 4th Quarter 2016

Using Social Data to Predicate Demand and Fashion Trends

Researchers: Martin Block, Russ Nelson, and Steven Keith Platt

Research Thesis: This research is aimed at gaining insights into the relationship between social media, on the one hand, and online sales, on the other. Findings will be extrapolated to aid in demand planning and merchandise trend forecasting.