Halliday graduated from the University of Manchester, UK, with a degree in Electronic Engineering. He has been involved in automatic identification and data capture technologies since 1981. This has included work on RFID and bar code technologies, as well as the engineering and design of card readers and encoders, the manufacture of magnetic stripes, and the design of specialized integrated circuits for magnetic stripe applications.

Prior to RAIN RFID, Steve served as vice president, technology for AIM Inc., a trade association for manufacturers, consultants, systems integrators, and users involved in automatic identification and data capture. He was responsible for all technology aspects for the trade association on a global basis including responsibilities in Magnetic Stripe, Bar Code, Radio Frequency Identification, and Wireless Communication. He is the editor/publisher of High Tech AIDCourier, and is the chairman of the SC31 committee responsible for creating RFID air interface standards. He is past chairman for the United States Technical Advisory Group ISO/IEC JTC1/SC31.